Riverside Gatherings Update

At Riverside we have never had to face something like the pandemic of Coronavirus that is sweeping the world right now. As a group of people it is our responsibility to stay active as a church but it is also our responsibility to be responsible.


Following Government and Elim guidelines we have made the decision to cancel all gatherings at Riverside. This includes the Sunday celebration at St George's Hall and all midweek ministries including lifegroups until further notice. It is not lightly we make the decision, but prayerfully. This was not a decision based on fear but one based on love. This is a decision rooted in our love for one another. A love that wants to see people safe and healthy. A love that doesn't put anyone at unnecessary risk. 


Does this mean we aren't doing anything? OF COURSE NOT!

Every Sunday at 11am there will be a service from Dog Lane that will be streamed live online. You can see this live stream in either of the following ways: 


1. Facebook.

  • Simply go to our Facebook page, 'Riverside Elim Church', at 11am and you will see the service streamed there live. Not only that but we will have people manning the live stream so that if you have any prayer requests live they can be responded to. Remember the Sunday celebration isn't just about watching but engaging and we want to engage with you live as it happens.



2. YouTube.

  • If you don't have a Facebook account you can still access the live stream through our YouTube channel. Simply go to YouTube and search for 'Riverside Elim'. Please subscribe (it's free) and click on the channel and you will be able to see the service live-streamed there too!


Not only this but we also have a LIVE prayer meeting that you can interact with on both Facebook and YouTube. This is every Wednesday at 7pm and Sunday at 7pm. Tube in, it will be great to pray with and for you.

We also want to stay connected to you and encourage as much connection between us too. Just because the church cannot gather doesn't mean that the church is closed or inactive. The church is me, you and each other. We are the church, not the meeting space. We can all stay connected by calls, texts, facebook and social media. WhatsApp I think is a great way of staying in touch with a group of people. Many of our lifegroups already do this!

We want to make sure every person from Riverside is contacted by at least one other person from Riverside every week, at least. Whether this is by text, phone or in person. We are putting together a system whereby every person is connected to at least one other person and this contact is maintained weekly. Please, we can only contact you if we have your contact details. Please do all you can to ensure we have your up-to-date contact details, address, phone and email. We will do all we can to stay connected to you. If you think there is someone in Riverside who will not receive this email please pass it on to them. 


You can ring us on 01299 405535 or email me at steve@riversideelim.com.

We also want to support any vulnerable people at risk or anyone self-isolating. If that is you, reach out and connect to us. We want to pray for you, be there for you and help in any way we can, even if this includes getting and delivering shopping, we will do all we can for you. Please contact us.

We will also be exploring other Bible, prayer, teaching and discussion connections and will be in touch with you all regularly by video and/or email so please look out for daily updates. 

Please, this is an opportunity to be the love and hope of God to many people. We can be loving and reaching to as many people as possible at this time. There is so much hope in Jesus. Let's be hope bringers!

So for now..

  1. Tune in on Sunday at 11am to our celebration

  2. Tune in on a Wednesday at 7pm for our prayer gatherings

  3. Make sure we have your contact details or update your own details on Churchsuite

  4. Connect with each other. Self-isolating and social distancing doesn't mean we can't stay connected. Stay in contact with us and each other! Don't just text, maybe call or Facetime/videocall if you are able. A voice and a face can change someone's whole state of mind!

  5. Stay safe and follow the government health guidelines. Keep up to date by checking in with the NHS website. 



We live in a world of uncertainty and I have been reminded this week that there is one certainty we can all hold onto and that is Jesus Christ! He is our king, healer and saviour. Let's keep reaching out to Him. Let's keep trusting Him. Knowing He is BIGGER than all of this. He will never leave us. He will never forsake us. He is always with us and we are never alone. 


Stay safe and I look forward to contacting and connecting with you all in a new and different way in the coming days!


God bless, 


Steve Robinson
Riverside Elim Church