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Listen Again


Gavin & Anne Calver

Gavin & Anne Calver are married with 2 miracle children, Amelie and Daniel. Gavin is the Director of Mission at the Evangelical Alliance and the Chair of the Spring Harvest Planning Group. He has a burning passion to see the Gospel reach every person in the UK. Formerly the leader of British Youth for Christ, Gavin is an ordained evangelist and regular public speaker, and has authored six books. Gavin is a Spring Harvest speaker & regularly features on Christian TV channels.

Anne is the Assistant Minister at Stanmore Baptist Church. She is passionate about seeing people meet Jesus and released to grow into all their potential in Him. Anne has co-authored 3 books with Gavin; 12 Disciples, Stumbling Blocks and Gamechangers. 


Julia Immonen

Julia Immonen comes from the world of media and sport and is a passionate campaigner to help end modern day slavery and human trafficking. Julia worked at Sky Sports news for 12 years, she has broken two Guinness World Records, been an Olympic 2012 Torchbearer, and is a published author and accomplished speaker.


Julia headed the crew who established a record for being the first female crew of 5 to row the Atlantic. They broke the record for the fastest women’s crossing, rowing 3000 miles unaided in just a 7m by 2m rowing boat.


Julia travels around the world raising awareness of modern day slavery. Julia’s book - Row for Freedom -chronicles the crew’s dramatic journey, detailing the grueling, peril-filled crossing and weaves together Julia’s personal search for hope and purpose.

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